Terms & Conditions

Academic Regulations

All academic and accredited programs are subject to academic rules, regulations and applicable domestic legislation which will be published and revised from over time. Nikhil Analytics is obligated to make personal academic information available to regulatory and administrative bodies for academic and statistical purposes, if required.

Application Fee

Fees are different as per each course and as prescribed by the admission team. Nikhil Analytics reserves the right to amend fee for any of the courses from time to time.


By enrolling as a student, the student agrees to abide by the Rules and Regulations of Nikhil Analytics. These currently include general disciplinary rules and regulations relating to examinations, assessments, learning, training, fees, and placements. Please note these may change from time to time at the sole discretion of Nikhil Analytics. Nikhil Analytics will make reasonable efforts to keep you informed of any such changes.

  • In the event that the student is unable to submit the relevant documents supporting/testifying his qualification for the course, Nikhil Analytics reserves the right to withdraw/terminate the enrollment with immediate effect without any recourse to the student whatsoever.
  • If the student fails to pay the requisite fees in pre-agreed instalments within the stipulated time along with the grace period allowed, Nikhil Analytics stands the right to cancel admission without any liability of refund of fees paid by the student. Nikhil Analytics also reserves the right to extend the seat to any other candidate in place of the defaulting student. The grace period here in question is 5 days from the stipulated date mentioned.
  • The student agrees to maintain at least 85% attendance record. In the event of a failure to do so, Nikhil Analytics will not be responsible for providing placements post completion of specific courses.
  • If the student is absent for a continuous period of 3 session days and/or he/she fails to secure the threshold passing percentage in the course assessments carried on from time to time, Nikhil Analytics reserves the right to cancel the student admission without any recourse to the student whatsoever. Nikhil Analytics will not liable to refund any paid fees in such as event. If the student wishes to discontinue the course, Nikhil Analytics is not liable to refund any paid fees.
  • This offer and any subsequent registration are made on the basis that the information supplied in your application papers is accurate, true and complete, and that you hold the qualifications mentioned in the form. In the event that any information provided is inaccurate / misrepresented, Nikhil Analytics reserves the right to cancel the student admission without any recourse to the student whatsoever. Nikhil Analytics will not liable to refund any paid fees in such as event.
  • The content of individual courses and the curriculum for any given degree are under constant academic review and may change from time to time, with some courses being modified, discontinued or replaced. In addition, external factors may make it unviable for the Nikhil Analytics to provide a previously offered option.
  • Upon completion of the training, the student will be awarded a completion certificate.
  • Student agrees to maintain confidentially of the course content and distributed materials, and agrees not to distribute or upload or make available to any individual, voluntary or involuntarily. Infringement of any intellectual property rights is subject to and not limited to termination of enrollment. The student is also subject to criminal/civil proceedings in such an event.
  • The institute reserves the right to withhold the passing certificate until the student’s fees have been paid. Nikhil Analytics also reserves the right to disallow the student from appearing in the schedule assessments/certifications/examinations. In such an event, the placement services will not be offered to the student.
  • By signing the enrolment form, the student provides unconditional consent to Nikhil Analytics for use of his name, marks and other details in Nikhil Analytics publicity campaign/marketing/advertising, using all media forms.
  • Pursuant to the course completion and certification, the student has been offered a placement with ______ , at the position ______ of ______, but has not accepted the offer because: a) has plans for higher education  b) has opted for self-employment. The student joined the training to upgrade his/her skill level.
  • Student clearly agrees that no representations or guarantees have been made by Nikhil Analytics towards job placements, salaries or any other, any discussions or correspondence in this regard are only indicative and do not imply an contractual obligation, the only exception to this is type of course training that is provided.
  • If any damage to property is attributable to any particular student/s it will be promptly paid by the student of its full replacement value as decided by Nikhil Analytics, upon failing to do so within 7 days it will also be deducted from the student’s fees and student can be withheld from training and successful completion of his course besides other remedial measures.
  • Other charges: Students of certain courses at Nikhil Analytics may incur additional expenditure on items such as fieldwork, specialist materials and supplementary instrumental tuition; although some subsidy from Nikhil Analytics may be available to meet such expenditure, responsibility for payment will rest with the student. In addition, small charges may be made in some subjects for such items as course materials, photocopying and printing.
  • In the event of non-payment by a student of any such sums, Nikhil Analytics may raise proceedings for payment and hold back original documents and/or inform future institutes or employers.
  • Nikhil Analytics cannot accept responsibility, and expressly excludes liability, for loss or damage to students’ property including without prejudice to the generality the transfer of computer viruses to students’ equipment.
  • Nikhil Analytics reserves the right to exclude from studies forthwith any student who willfully and persistently neglects his or her academic work to such an extent that there is no reasonable possibility of him or her being regarded as having duly performed the work of the course or being able to proceed to the next stage of the course. It should also be noted that although candidates may be admitted initially as prospective students, admission to the courses is not guaranteed at the outset but depends on performance. Under the circumstances, Nikhil Analytics absolves itself from providing placement services.
  • If any provision of the contract, constituted by acceptance by the student of Nikhil Analytics offer of admission, shall be held by any court or other competent authority to be void or unenforceable, in whole or in part, that contract shall continue to be valid as to the other provisions contained in it and the remainder of the affected provision.
  • Any notice or other information that, either Nikhil Analytics or the student requires to give to the other in connection with the agreement entered into between them, may be given by electronic means, by hand or sent by first-class prepaid post, facsimile transmission or comparable means of communication.
  • All information provided by Nikhil Analytics is deemed to be proprietary and confidential; student will not disclose or distribute, redistribute or hold any confidential information or any proprietary information in any form in perpetuity after the completion of the course.
  • Student waives the right to contest the decisions of Nikhil Analytics and all decisions made by Nikhil Analytics will be considered full, final and binding on the Student.
  • The liability of Nikhil Analytics of any nature towards the students is limited only to the extent of the student’s fees paid by them. Nikhil Analytics shall also not be liable to the students for punitive, exemplary, special, indirect, or consequential damages.

On joining Nikhil Analytics

Students must access and manage their email accounts regularly as Nikhil Analytics will send vital information from time to time (for example on exam arrangements, course related alerts and the sending of invoices and reminders) and will assume that students have opened and acted on these communications. It is each student’s responsibility to check their email account to ensure that all official Nikhil Analytics communications are received. Any notice or information given by post which is not returned to the sender as undelivered shall be deemed to have been given 48 hours after the envelope containing the information or notice was posted. Any notice or other information sent by facsimile transmission or comparable means of communication shall be deemed to have been duly sent on the date of transmission provided that a confirming copy is sent by first-class prepaid post to the other party within 24 hours after transmission. It shall be the responsibility of the student to intimate to Nikhil Analytics of any change in the student’s address. Notices or information sent to the last intimated address of the student as provided above shall be deemed to have been properly given.

Cancellation and Refunds

  • For any reason, Nikhil Analytics reserves the right not to provide any particular course, curriculum or facility, to make variations to the content or method of delivery of courses, to discontinue courses and to merge or combine courses if such action is reasonably considered to be necessary by Nikhil Analytics. If Nikhil Analytics discontinues any course, refund of fees will be subject to provisions made above.
  • If the student fails to pay the requisite fees in pre-agreed installments within the stipulated time along with the grace period allowed, Nikhil Analytics stands the right to cancel admission without any liability of refund of fees paid by the student.


Health and Well being of students

  • The student (if major) or their parents (if minor) authorize Nikhil Analytics to consent on their behalf of the student receiving emergency medical treatment (including blood transfusions) within India, general anesthetic and operations performed by a government hospital or a private hospital as necessary for the student’s welfare and if the parent or the emergency contact of the student cannot be reached in time. The Parents must comply with Nikhil Analytics recommendations, which may include a reasonable decision to release the student when he/she is unwell.


  • The Students Health: Nikhil Analytics may at any time require a medical opinion or certificate as to the Student’s general health where Nikhil Analytics considers that necessary as a matter of judgment in the interests of the student or the Institute.


  • Student/Parents must inform Nikhil Analytics in writing if the Student has any known medical condition, health problem, disability or allergy.


All disputes relating to or arising out of this agreement shall be settled by reference to arbitration under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act of 1996. An arbitration tribunal consisting of a single member shall conduct arbitration. Such member shall be nominated by Nikhil Analytics. The venue of arbitration shall be Bangalore, India. The arbitration clause shall however not apply if Nikhil Analytics and or the authorized agent decide to initiate proceedings against a student for any criminal offences, including but not limited to dishonor of post-dated cheques.

Please note that Nikhil Analytics will not entertain any kind of objections, requests or complaints in connection with or arising out of these terms and conditions.


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Nikhil Analytics is very good training Analytics (SAS, Excel, VBA & SQL). Training Institute. It provides good training as well as placement to the students who joined in course. Explanation is very good. I understood very well. They will clear all the doubts. Whenever if we can’t understood they will explain again. Dyuti mam explained SAS and SQL very well. Alok sir explained VBA. Deepa mam explained Excel. I got an idea how the work once I enter in to a project with their explanation. — Radha, Genpact

This is awesome institute ever I have seen. Alok sir and Dyuti ma’am behavior is very good. They are very familiar toward the student. We can not explain in word about Alok sir and Dyuti ma’am about behavior, teaching environment and teaching skills. I would suggest to reader that if you want to learn something , please come to Nikhil Analytics and explore something. — Satish, ICICI

I am satisfied with the overall SAS course. Doubts were solved with the help of examples by Alok Sir. Periodic test were conducted that helped me a lot in clearing and gathering the new concepts. — Subhadeep, Wipro

A great learning experience and memories cherished with Nikhil Analytics. Very hardworking, committed mentors and their availability at remotely any time/any situation is an additional plus. Study material, teaching to be proactive, regular sectional tests to be at par with the competition, conducting mock placement interviews is commendable. In short, Dyuti Mam and Alok Sir are the pivot points of the organizational success. — Vishal, Mindtree

I regard myself fortunate to have a mentor like Dyuti. The approach that was adopted not only made the subject lively and interesting, it has created an urge inside me to delve deeper into it. The classes were not confined to SAS alone but it also gave me a broader perspective of the present situation and opportunities in the field of analytics. The proper balance between theory and application makes it so effective. — Mahfuza, CTS

Nikhil Analytics is an excellent training institute for SAS and other analytical tools. Alok has an in depth knowledge of SAS Base and Advance along with VBA and Dyuti is very good in SAS analytics and SQL. Both have got wealth of industrial expertise skill sets. — Girija, Bupa

I would recommend Nikhil Analytics to my fellow students who want to learn business analytics using SAS. If you are looking for good infrastructure then this institute is not for you but if you look for quality training, projects and definitely SAS training then Nikhil Analytics is the right place to learn. Thanks Madam and Sir for all your teachings and help. — Pritam

Nikhil Analytics is a detail oriented. It knows the nerve of the market. It has published useful posts time to time. It has tried to help generation Y to let know about the various opportunities available in the market. — Dhara


Excellent, Relevant and subjects thought are exactly what the industry demands. What one learns here will help you get a desired job with great ease and these are the best teachers one can get for learning analytics. The experience of getting trained in this institute is life changing. — Srinidhi, Tesco

Nikhil Analytics is the best institute for those who want to make their career in Analytics domain. Alok sir and Dyuti madam teaches all the subjects with good care and clear all the concepts. Its a nice experience to stay here in short span of 6 months. — Prasuna, Accenture

Nikhil Analytics became the pioneer of my career. Teachers' guidance and experience is really helpfull to make career in analytics field.I am really thankful to nikhilguru analytics and recommend to those who want any job change or start career.... :) — Bhavna, Genpact

It was a great experience I had in Nikhil Analytics. The method of teaching is really good when comparing with other institutes I ever joined. I am thankful to Dyuti madam, Alok sir and Jayanth sir for their kind support that lead me to get a job. — Akhil, Time Inc

Excellent courseware lot of examples assignments all the above were really helpful in understanding most of the VBA concepts. Please continue the same trend..!!! — Abhishek Raikar, CTS

Nikhil Analytics is one of the BEST institutes in Bangalore. Where the career is 100% guaranteed. The way of teaching By Alok Sir and Dyuti ma’am from being to end is perfect .The commitment and dedication towards every student is excellent. I would like to thank to Alok Sir, Dyuti ma’am and NIKHIL ANALYTICS. — Rahul, Boomerang Commerce

The course has given me clear and in-depth knowledge in VBA, SAS, SQL and Advanced Excel. Internship program was really very much useful for me where I learned a lot of things starting from subject to self discipline. This can be given to students who require or in need of this. — Lakshmi Priya, MindTree

dey r doin an excellent job in d field of SAS training n consultation.....all d vry best to dem — Deepa

Project Analysis Ability was remarkable. Flexible timings. — Kanti, ANZ

Great Learning Experience for me. Alok Sir and Dyuti Mam both are very helpful and they taught us everything connecting to their real time experience. I will recommend this institute to them who really wants to learn SAS — Shipra

I am very glad that I joined Nikhil Analytics for Business Analytics course few months back. It is one of the finest institution anybody can get. Thanks to dyuti madam , alok sir and jayanth sir. — Adarsh, Quintiles

Course curriculum designed nicely module wise. Each module has related concepts so that it is easy to understand the concepts. Nice Faculty having indepth knowledge, very cooperative to each student, well coordinated effort of the team of faculties to make sure candidates get right mix of exposure & experiences to do well in their future endeavor. — Gaurav

If you need a change in career and the change to be in analytics, then Nikhil Analytics is the one stop junction where all your needs can be fulfilled and with your efforts can be achieved. With respect to training, teaching and preparing for interview Nikhil analytics is always not the best but they are better than the best. Always I am very grateful to Alok Sir, Dyuti Lal Mam and Jayanth Sir for training me to the best to face the interview and boosting my confidence. — Mohan, Capgemini

Nikhil Analytics is the best institute if you are looking to make career in Analytics. I would recommend everyone who is looking to start their career or enhance their skills in Analytics. The faculty – Dyuti Madam and Alok Sir both are really very cooperative. The course is designed in a wonderful manner and the efforts of the faculty are awesome. I would wish all the best to Nikhil Analytics and they are really doing a great job. — Bindu, WNS

Dyuti mam and Alok sir are technical good and they also teach you soft skills. If you want to achieve something or become something, this is the right place where you should be. I had been working in college for about 5 years and I have gone through many trainings. This is the place which gave me confidence and opportunity to work in software company. — Rohit, HUL

Excellent support from faculty throughout the course including for interviews. Relevant examples helped in understanding tools better. — Deep, Infiniti Research

Excellent experience altogether. Alok Sir has very good knowledge about the subject and was able to explain concepts with lot of exercises. will recommend nikhil analytics to all who really want to learn sas, adv excel, vba, sql and analytics.. — Sandeep, JP Morgan

First of all I take this opportunity to thank Dyuti Mam And Alok Sir for Giving me a wonderful platform to start up my career. It was as great learning experience for me. Nikhil Analytics is the best institute you can opt for a job oriented training programme. All the faculties over there are built in with excellent knowledge. They will train you in SAS,SQL,VBA,EXCEL and R as well. Finally I would like to wish a very best for the institute in future. — Anju, Analytics Global Technologies

I had come to Nikhil Analytics to learn SAS. It was great learning experience to me. Faculties here are very helpful and they taught everything connecting to their real time experience. Management is also very helpful. All together I had excellent experience. I would recommend this institute to every one who really want to learn SAS. — muskaan

The sessions were very good and I have now developed a very good understanding of the various excel tools and functions. The examples and materials shared were quite useful. Alok has great knowledge and patience in addressing queries in the class. — Sarup, Accenture

I came here to learn SAS and it was really a nice experience. The faculty and management are very helpful. I will recommend this institute for people who care for quality learning. — Siddharth

It was a very insightful experience for me. I was not even aware how effectively MS Excel can be used in the field of analytics before I joined this course. I got a good exposure from both functionality and application point of view. I am really thankful to Alok, my mentor for helping me learn Excel with such ease. — Mahfuza, CTS

The most comprehensive course structure with practical applications using latest tools and techniques. Both Alok Sir and Dyuti mam are industry experts with a very strong technical knowledge of the subjects and they will help the students to become expert in the subjects with individual mentoring. For me surely the best Analytics Training institute in Bangalore. — Susanta, Exl Services

Its great experience learning analytics skill in NIKHIL ANALYTICS. It helps in enhancing the technical skills in different areas along with grooming of personality. It is a very fruitful training for those who want to excel in their career and looks for job prospects. — Kirti, HSBC

This is the grt i come across in analytics ..as we all know the future of analytics is great...Nikhil analytics is a perfect launch pad to lead the analytics field...they have variety of things ..which enable us to lead from the front..They have in person state of the art personalised facilities.. Last but not the least, Nikhil Analytics as one of the Best Institute for a person who wants to learn anything n everything related to ANALYTICS — Nitesh, City Bank

SAS and SQL Training is very good. Dyuti Maam explains each and every points in details with example. Alok sir also explains each points in detail in VBA. Deepa maam took the excel class very well. Currently i am placed in very good company. — Jinsha, Antuit


What went well: Extensive coverage of topics Personal attention Daily assignments and assessment Timings suited to your availability and convenience Value for money — Annu, Accenture

Well-structured course as per the current industry-standards. Excellent coaching by Dyuti Ma’am and Alok Sir and are excellent mentors par-excellence. They explained numerous real-time scenario based examples. They took pains to clear my doubts. Worth recommending the course to others. — Sameer, Healthec